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Binding clauses

The following terms of use regulate the rights and responsibilities in regard of the use of the website with the online address omnimedia.com.cy, which will be now on referred to as “Omnimedia”, and was designed, developed and belongs to Omnimedia Ltd, hereafter “company”. The use and access to our webpage is subjected to the terms and conditions that are determined below. It is assumed that you accept them with the entrance and browsing of the user on our page. This acceptance is consisted of the unconditional agreement and compliance with these terms. In any case of disagreement with the terms, the user ought to stop and abstain from browsing this website and inform the administrator. Omnimedia has the right to edit the terms of use at any time without a warning or a reasoning while the changes will only apply after they become a part of this text. It is up to the users to read the content of this text regularly in case of editing. It is advised to subscribe to our newsletter to be instantly informed for any changes. In any case of partial or full void or inability to apply some of the terms it does not affect the prestige of the rest. If the void creates a gap between the agreement between the website and the user, will be supplemented with new or modified terms that will be appropriate to the legal purpose of the void term. In any case these terms and conditions apply for any matter that is not regulated in this text.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

With this accord you agree and recognize that the whole content of Omnimedia (text, documents, design, photos, electronic files etc) constitute intellectual property of the Company since their publication online and therefore they are protected by the law. The domain name www.omnimedia.com.cy is lawfully registered at the database of University of Cyprus (cydns) and it is protected by all the relevant Cypriot and European laws as well as international conventions. When it comes to the protection of third party intellectual and industrial rights it is a sole responsibility of the beneficiaries. The products and services that are mentioned in our website and have trademarks of their respective organism, union or publishing are their own intellectual and industrial property and they have accountability. The user fully understands and accepts that he/she doesn’t have any right to reproduce, copy, sell, resell and/or commercially exploit in any way any part of the content of the webpage. It is forbidden to use, copy, save, reproduce, republish, download, translate or manipulate in any way part or the whole content of Omnimedia and the services that are offered unless you have a written consent of the owner. It is allowed to store and copy on a personal computer if it is only for personal use. A prerequisite is the lack of intent for commercial exploitation and the indication of its source of origin. This cannot be considered as an indication that we give away any rights of intellectual or industrial property. A part of the images we use comes from a variety of websites and are used after the grand of license to use them and this does not affect in any way the moral right of the photographer. The rest of the pictures are samples of our work and design for our customers. Therefore, it is forbidden to republish them in any way.

Liability Limitation

Omnimedia and the Company cannot be held accountable for any damage and / or any other negative consequence that can come up from accessing the website and/ or use the information and services that are provided by it. All Omnimedia content and services are provided "as is". There is no guarantee from the Company's side that any linked site or the servers through which it is available, are free of viruses or other harmful components. Therefore, no financial claim or compensation claim for the damage resulting from the above reasons is valid and the cost is the sole responsibility of the user.

User Liability

With this accord the user agrees that he/she understands and accepts the international nature of the internet and is bound to follow the Netiquette. In any case that Omnimedia provides the user with the ability to publish or send a personal message or contact in any other way other users with information, text, link or any file that can be read or executed from any electronic device including a computer, the user that published or send it is the only accountable. It is forbidden in any case to include content that: Is illegal, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, slandering, racist, discriminatory or harmful to minors, Violates intellectual or property rights of third parties including trademarks or corporate secrets and patents, Contains any virus or malware, pop-ups and spam mail that can cause permanent or semi-permanent damage or disfunction to any hardware or software of any electronic device, Contains any false statement of the identity of the user or mimic any individual or company. The Omnimedia user is obliged not to use the website for any actions that can cause the prosecution or the commencement of any civil or administrative proceedings against the Company for acts that, indicatively and not exclusively, are against the European Union Laws, or the personal data or communication laws. The user must abstain from any acts that could affect any rights or other legitimate interests of the Company or a third party. If someone takes legal actions against the Company for infringement of any legal interest, which falls within the scope of the terms of use in the user's area of responsibility, the company has the right to turn against that user reductively. Along with any other claims, the Company has the right to claim compensation for breaching the terms and conditions and any other legal consequence that results from it. When browsing and using our webpage you agree that these exceptions and liability limitations are rational and reasonable. If you don’t agree with that statement you have to abstain from using this website. You must be informed that Omnimedia has the right to manipulate and/or pause or stop, part or all her services with or without a warning to its users if there is a serious reason. Therefore, the users accept that the don’t have a compensation claim against Omnimedia or its managers.


If the user wishes to subscribe to our services and receive a newsletter (OMNINEWS) he agrees to: a) provide truthful information about the data that are required from the website for accessing its services and/or content and b) maintain and update the subscription data so they stay truthful, exact, valid and complete.


With the appropriate links that are along our website we provide you with the ability to access third party websites. Those links have the sole purpose to accommodate the users when the browse online. It is not a sign of agreement with the content of the linked websites. Each link leads to a different website that has its own terms and conditions. Omnimedia and the Company don’t have aby responsibility for the content or the terms of use or the personal data policy of the linked site. The user has full responsibility of accessing the website through the provided link.

Applicable law and other terms and conditions

The terms and conditions, including their manipulations or changes, are supplemented whenever is needed by the Cypriot and European Laws and of course any other international treaties in the jurisdiction of the courts of Nicosia, Cyprus. Omnimedia Ltd strongly pursuits, that any differences that may come up from using the website and/or the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions, can be resolved friendly and extrajudicial. For that reason, if you, as a user, come across a wrong term morally and/or lawfully, please inform the manager instantly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Omnimedia Ltd through the designers and managers aspires to develop, inform and improve our services and our webpage in general regularly. We take every measure needed for security and organization of we apply all the appropriate protection mechanisms to provide a secure environment for the users in compliance with the law. However it is possible that errors and/ or disfunctions in the content of the website and/ or viruses or malware to the website or server could occur.

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